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Prejmer Cultural Tour

Prejmer Cultural Tour presents the jewel of Tara Barsei

It is not known exactly when the village of Prejmer came into being or what its first official name was. Choose the Prejmer Cultural Tour and learn a fascinating part of the history of this village. The name is thought to come from the Celtic word ‘prejmir’, meaning ‘among the springs’. However, the name also resembles the Slavic word „premo” or „prejneț”, meaning „before the Land of the Dry”. It was first mentioned in 1213, which highlights the quality of the area’s agricultural produce. This is a small part of the history of the village.

Prejmer Cultural TourThe number of Saxons in the area decreased, but the popularity of Prejmer village increased. So the most important tourist attraction in the area remains the fortress, together with the church. The fortress is restored and includes a museum with decorations and various medieval objects. The church retains its beauty and warmth towards visitors.

Why would I choose the Prejmer Cultural Tour?

If you’re lucky, you’ll come across locals who tell you the legend of the „make-up room” (the reconciliation room), i.e. the places where couples who argued had to live, eat from a single countertop, with a single bowl of food and a single spoon, to make it easier for them to reconcile.

Mainly, the village of Prejmer awaits you, especially you, who are so close by and promises a magic you are likely to want to return to. The Prejmer Cultural Tour is suitable for children as well as adults.

Prejmer Pancake Festival

In recent years, the village of Prejmer has stood out for a new feature, a pancake festival where participants compete in tastes, flavours and recipes. Basically, if you go to the area at the right time, you can smell the pancakes minutes before you approach the scene. The pancake festival is usually held before the Lenten Dry Launch.

The village also includes a nature reserve with a forest and marshes rich in springs. There you can find rare species of flora and fauna over an area of 30 ha. Are you still wondering if the Prejmer Cultural Tour is right for you? Don’t hesitate, book now!

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